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Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics


Software for Mechanical Characterization and Optimization of Arbitrary Surfaces

Measurement Analysis and Mechanical Characterization

O&PfC® ISA - Indentation- and Scratch-Analyzer SSA® (Scratch-Stress Analyzer)

Softwares for mechanical characterization of arbitrary surfaces like thin films and multi-layer coatings by means of analysis of (nano) indentations, scratch tests, and tribology tests (e.g. pin-on-disc, fatigue test, fretting test etc.).

Professional Modeling and Simulation Software

FilmDoctor® OptiWear

Professional software for the analysis of mechanical surface measurements (e.g. instrumented indentations, scratch tests, tribology tests), for modeling of such contact measurements (e.g. to dimension them properly in advance), as well as for the optimization of complex coating structures (like nano-particle-reinforced coatings) by means of modeling and simulation of realistic contact and load situations of the surface structure in intended applications.


Material DataBase Test Optimizer

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Individual software

For your individual demand we develop professional software for the modeling of mechanical surface properties.
The necessary and purpose-built mathematical formulas and procedures are integrated into a user-friendly interface. The resulting software package will be easy-to-use and perfectly adapted to your product. During a stage of extensive "Beta-testing" you will have the chance to have modifications made and thus, you can take part in the actual software design process.

Computer-Aided Coating Design (CACD) and Computer-Aided Coating Analysis (CACA)
Graphical conversion of results
  • Computer-Aided Coating Design (CACD) and Computer-Aided Coating Analysis (CACA)
  • Sophisticated graphical user interfaces
  • Easy handling
  • Specially customized to your needs
  • Graphical conversion of results
  • Various graphical output
  • Including different graphic tools
  • Excel-output
  • Integrated into the program: specially adapted data bases that enable a quick access to your material parameters
    (easily extendable at any time)
  • Audio-visual training videos
  • Detailed software documentation
  • Workshops / training courses

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