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Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics


Public Downloads


Elastica 3size: 11,9MB
license: free trial period
ID: 003
Elastica Basicsize: 11,8MB
license: free
ID: 004
Material DataBase Demosize: 0,5MB
license: free
ID: 010
OptiWear Demosize: 2,0MB
license: limited free
ID: 012
SuitFEMsize: 0,7MB
license: free
ID: 019
FilmDoctor® manualsize: 5,5MB
ID: 011
Product specification of FilmDoctor® Lightsize: 0,0MB
ID: 027
Product specifications of FilmDoctor® including pricessize: 0,0MB
ID: 018

Handout material

Product specifications of ISAsize: 0,0MB
ID: 026
Product specifications of O&PfC®size: 0,0MB
ID: 024
Product specifications of SSA®size: 0,0MB
ID: 025
Stress distribution in a Si sample coated with TiN/Si3N4 during a scratch test evaluated by SSA® (Scratch-Stress Analyzer)size: 20,8MB
length: 0:32min
ID: 021
The Higgs Field Mechanism - Simple Example of an Adapted Optimization Problem With Soft Boundary Conditionssize: 0,2MB
ID: 031
The Higgs Field Mechanismssize: 0,1MB
ID: 030
The Higgs Field Mechanism - A Consequent Dynamic Banks Stress Testsize: 0,3MB
ID: 035
The Higgs Field Mechanism - Application to game theory with partially irrational players – OR – From „Prisoner's Dilemma” to „The Greek's Dilemma”size: 0,2MB
ID: 034
The Higgs Field Mechanism - Find "Shortest" Individual Tour Around the Worldsize: 0,3MB
ID: 032
The Higgs Field Mechanism - Haptic Optima for Endlessly Touchable Surfaces and the Paradox Double Egg Shell Effectsize: 0,6MB
ID: 036
The Higgs Field Mechanism - Interesting Coincidencessize: 0,1MB
ID: 037
The Higgs Field Mechanism - School Transport and Circadian Rhythmicsize: 1,6MB
ID: 033
The Higgs Field Mechanisms - Combining scalar fields and optimization proceduressize: 0,1MB
ID: 029
Video training for the software FilmDoctor®size: 48,9MB
length: 26:16min
ID: 016
Analyzing nanoindentation data
O&PfC NG manual for analysis of time-dependent material behavior by means of indentation testingsize: 8,7MB
ID: 028

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