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Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics


license: limited free

OptiWear is a fast, easy-to-use, and adaptive wear analysis software. As it is based on the Extended Archad's Law and sophisticated contact solutions for layered materials (which can be adapted to nearly all practically relevant tribology and wear problems as well as corresponding experimental tests) OptiWear allows you to analyze wear processes of any material very quickly. The demo version only is restricted to simulate a pin-on-plate experiment. Our correspondent online service provides similar functionality.

OptiWear simulation
The resulting evolution of wear depth and normal stress of a simulated pin-on-plate test.

Top features:

  • up to 10 layers + substrate
  • arbitrary distribution of intrinsic stresses (shearing stresses)
  • a great variety of load and contact situations
  • comfortable result presentation as animation

This standard version will help you in a lot of cases to analyze wear problems. But if you have particular problems demanding individual adaption of this software, we would be pleased to design a version meeting your requirements more precisely. Do not hesitate to ask us!

Please ask us for more information and prices!

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