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Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics

Special Notes on Anti-Virus Software


Our software is protected against unauthorized use by programmatic techniques. Due to this protection, unfortunately, few anti-virus software erroneously suppose our software to be virus (or trojan horse). Those are so called false positive alerts as our software, of course, does not contain any malware (malicious software). In those few events the anti-virus software may prevent installation or execution of our software.

Which anti-virus software is compatible?

SIO® continuously seeks to get approval of its software from the followig anti-virus software manufacturers:

  • Symantec Corporation
  • Kaspersky Labs
  • AVG Technologies CZ s.r.o.
  • BitDefender S.R.L.
  • G Data Software AG
  • Sophos

Nevertheless, we cannot garantuee the compatibility of our products with anti-virus softwares of theses manufacturers, particularly if you are using an outdated version! We do not regularly test our products with anti-virus software of other manufacturers. If the manufacturer of your anti-virus software is not listed but you are interested in our software, do not hesitate to ask us whether we could test our products with your anti-virus software and try to get approval if necessary.

Which anti-virus software might cause problems?

Despite our perpetual efforts, some virus scanners are causing trouble again and again or some manufacturers seem to be unwilling to cooperate with us:

  • McAfee Inc.
  • Trend Micro Inc.

If you use a virus scanner of one of these manufacturers, we recommend you to switch to another anti-virus software or install our software on a dedicated PC without a virus scanner (e.g. on the measurement instrument computer).

Your anti-virus software troubles you?

In the case that you experience any trouble with your anti-virus software or if it shows false-positive alerts with regards to our software, you should try the following solutions:

  1. Try to select options on the supposed finding alert like "ignore" or "allow file access".
  2. Try to exclude our software from the search/scan of your anti-virus software (exclude installation folder from search area of your anti-virus software).
  3. Check whether you are using the latest version of your anti-virus software.
  4. Check whether another anti-virus software could solve the problem (according to the list of compatible virus scanners above).
  5. Install our software on a dedicated PC without any anti-virus software (e.g. on the PC delivered with the measurement instrument).
  6. Try to switch off your anti-virus software temporarily while our software is being installed or when it is running).
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