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Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics

FilmDoctor® Light Product Series


FilmDoctor® Light is the little brother of FilmDoctor® Studio which already enables you to simulate fairly pratical contact situations on simple surface structures in order to spot critical components of coating systems and, thus, optimization potentials.

Design and optimization of fairly simple surface structures by means of simplified simulation of real load situations
Simple but yet practically oriented modelling of contact situations which allows not only designing but also optimizing simple coating structures.

If a respective surface has already been mechanically characterized or if its mechanical properties are known yet, FilmDoctor® Light allows a simple design or optimization of simple surface structures.


The features covered below are features of the model on which this product series is based. Therefore, they may differ from the capabilities of the individual editions as they are not all completely implemented in all editions.

Supported Material Structures

The software[?] allows you to model the following surface structures among others for simulation purposes:

  • multi-layer coatings (up to 3 layers)
  • thin films (theoretically down to 1 angstrom)
  • thick films (theoretically unlimited)
  • with intrinsic/thermal stresses and gradients of it (functional)
  • homogeneous monolithic bulk materials (e.g. substrate only)

Supported Contact or Load Conditions

Among others, the following conditions and effects can be taken into account for the fairly practical modeling of simple contact situations of the real application by our software[?]:

  • multi-axial loads (normal, lateral, and rotating loads)
  • tilting and deflection of the counter part

Information Material

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System Requirements

Minimum* Optimum
operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7
word size: 32 or 64 bit 32 or 64 bit
CPU: 2 cores
1 GHz
≥ 4 cores × 2 threads
≥ 2 GHz
RAM: 512 MB ≥ 4 GB
free HDD space: 24 MB (in system partition)
500 MB (for project files)
24 MB (in system partition)
≥ 3 GB (for project files)
screen: 1024 x 768 pixel
16 bit color depth
1920 x 1080 pixel
32 bit color depth
anti-virus software: Read information!
access rights for installation: administrator rights
access rights for use: user rights administrator rights
* If your computer meets only the minimum system requirements, the operation comfort (usability) and operating speed might be restricted.

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