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Service Show at the ICMCTF 2013

ICMCTF 2013, April 29 - Mai 3, 2013, San Diago, CA, USA
ICMCTF 2013, April 29 - Mai 3, 2013, San Diago, CA, USA
March 10, 2013

New service show: analyses for free! Bring your samples! Plus 3 talks and 2 posters.

This year we have a special surprise in store for you at the ICMCTF which takes place between April 29 and Mai 3, 2013 in San Diego, CA, USA. In cooperation with CSM Instruments SA we provide you a new service show: Bring your samples, let them be measured by CSM (nanoindentation and scratch testing) for free, and let these measurements be physically analyzed for free by us! This service will be provided on our booths no. 204 (CSM) and 207 (SIO) during industry exhibition on Tuesday and Wednesday. Don't miss this unique chance to learn more about your coated or treated surfaces for free!

In addition, we are going to present a lot of interesting research findings in our talks and posters across the conference:

  • Marcus Fuchs: "On Hardness and its Benefit to the Characterization and Optimization of Coatings", talk B4-2-11, Wednesday, May 1, 11:20 am, Royal Palm Room 4-6
  • Nick Bierwisch: "The Effective Indenter Concept and its Extension into the Time Domain", talk E2-4-7, Thursday, May 2, 10:00 am, Golden West Room
  • Norbert Schwarzer: "How to Make Tribological Tests Physical", talk TS2-2-2, Friday, May 3, 8:20 am, Royal Palm Room 1-3
  • Marcus Fuchs: "On the Meaning and Requirements of The Concept of an Effective Indenter", poster EP 19, Thursday, May 2, 5-7 pm, Grand Hall
  • Nick Bierwisch: "Examples for the Time Dependent Effective Indenter Concept", poster EP 7, Thursday, May 2, 5-7 pm, Grand Hall

Additionally, several other remarkable talks and posters are supported by us:

  • Astrid Gies: "Influence of the Coating Structure of a-C:H-W Coatings on their Wear-Performance: a Theoretical Approach and its Practical Confirmation", talk E1-1-6, Monday, April 29, 3:10 pm, Golden West Room
  • Michael Davies: "From Predictive Modelling via Optimized Testing to Applied Coating Development: DLC Coatings Durability Under Nano-Fretting Conditions", talk E1-1-7, Monday, April 29, 3:30 pm, Golden West Room
  • Thomas Chudoba: "3D Micro Scratch Tests in Combination with a Comprehensive Stress Analysis – A New Tool for the Understanding of Surface Failures", talk E2-4-1, Thursday, May 2, 8:00 am, Golden West Room
  • J. Becker: "Characterization and Tribological Investigations of Arc Evaporated Mo-based Coatings", talk E3-2-7+G, Friday, May 3, 10:00 am, Golden West Room

We are looking forward to your tricky samples for our service show on booth #207 and your questions to our talks!

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